Thursday, February 17, 2011

Natural Mineral Makeup 2011

Beauty, I have experience with natural mineral make up / I want to share some of the results.

Osman has tried natural mineral makeup has been around for many years, but it takes the average person or hasn, so that they, and many people have not heard of it. In fact, they differ in very fine powder minerals are crushed and used in cosmetics. They like the powder form.

The main characteristics of mineral makeup gentleness, long-term, are clean, and most of them treating skin diseases of different kinds of work. Of course, to experiment to find which brands are your favorites?

Personally, I am hypothyroid which means I have super dry skin, crocodile skin. Dawson, Osman and so many kinds of skin care products. I use my flaky skin. My whole life, and whatever make-up, and that should be completely satisfied with wearing it after about 2-3 hours to absorb (and thus disappear. I are very upset, Because the combination of metal with super dry skin I avoid powders of all kinds as well as you are concerned about making the break information seems even worse. I was stunned; When I first started using mineral makeup on my skin was. The first thing I noticed after 12 hours of wear, and yet no makeup are not done my whole life. Another thing I noticed that it does not look at all brittle, but very light and fresh. other useful mineral makeup that you really do not wear any makeup.

I want the challenge now (due to very serious facial flushing redness) to bead. I found Aromaleigh brand would be best for my skin. Mineral cosmetics are a good, as long as we are concerned institutions think. He is also a wonderful corrective color green that you can use to take the context of the institution. Green, red cancel, which is why it works on the skin covering the pink flush and then a very beautiful at the same time. I prefer the open Esenctuals but red cheeks and shades, they are very beautiful and very good performance.

How you buy, here are some tips for use.

1. Generally less than in Yerevan. And it's very, very concentrated a little goes a long way. As a result, administrative and operational services in general use the first method. You can always add another layer of light up, if you go to first light.

2. Invest in some good quality brushes. This is all the difference in the world, make sure to gently wash regularly.

3. Small amounts of good quality brush after use, if still without things, Osman look right, or I am very happy that the next possibility, Äôre just using the wrong shade can not see the Äôre. Sometimes it's shadow to find what is best in your skin test takes. I met with open Esentuals, I wear the foundation of much deeper, than ever thought possible, but it was perfect for me shade.

4. Make sure your skin, moisturize, preferably before applying mineral makeup about half an hour to make sure.

5. Apply your makeup except for mascara and lipstick. A fine mist water on your face, and end mascara, and then with your lipstick spritz. I, Äúsets and the African Union and that makeup, looking very fresh and youthful appearance does.

6. Play with colors and applications. You also can use red cheeks and shades. You can also brush your lips, apply some of the gloss on top.

7. Eyeshadows tremendous shock when the first application is to take. Don, are very concerned about Osman. After you apply the shadow to take, and beating his eyes clean and blending and color is used for softening. In many cases it makes for easy access to the right shade.

Many times samples of different brands and trying a variety of colors is a great deal. You may be trying to explode. As well as various companies sell small samples very reasonably prices try. Do you remember a little goes a long way. Enjoy trying to make this wonderful class.

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