Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gallery: Want to play the

Men’s pyjamas are hot right now, and not just because of Coco. Angelina Jolie has revealed that they are her favourite lounging-around attire; she wore a similar pair in Mr & Mrs Smith. The most recent Dolce & Gabbana collection was inspired by traditional, paisley and polka-dot men’s pyjamas, piped in a contrasting colour – the kind you might associate with Noël Coward plays (although the Italian design duo suggested PJ- style for going out, rather than going to bed).

And rumour has it that Bridget Jones is set to return to the big screen. This time around, chick lit’s most famous singleton is said to have moved on, so let’s hope her night attire has, too. The childish, sheep-printed, red flannel pyjamas that Renée Zellweger was forced to wear in the first movie were even more of a fashion disaster than her “big pants”.

There is no excuse for wearing pyjamas that look as though they belong in the nursery. Likewise, sloppy T-shirts printed with cutesy slogans and cartoon characters are strictly for the under-12s. Long, cotton “granny” nightdresses are all very well if you live in a thatched cottage in Aga-land. But the chic sleep option is, undoubtedly, pyjamas.

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