Saturday, August 15, 2009

short hair styles

Select several styles that you like. You should take these pictures into the salon with you and ask your stylist which one is best for your face shape and your hair. Some styles need coarse, thick hair to look right, whereas others only work with fine, thin hair. Your stylist can help you determine if the look is right for you. Long faces are great for short looks because long hair elongates them even further. Long faces are great for short looks because long hair elongates them even further. Determine your face shape. The shape of your face will play a very significant role in the results of your new, short haircut because all of the emphasis will be on your head and face. Oval faces, for example, are great for short hair, but you should avoid heavy bangs and forward-swept looks. On the other hand, most short looks make round faces look plump, so you need to emphasize the sides of your face if you have a round face.

Evaluate the state of your hair. If your new look will require a lot of styling–and many short cuts appear simple but actually require a fair amount of drying, curling and taming–then make sure your hair can handle it. If you have dry or brittle hair, then you may need to go for a lower-maintenance look that will give it some rest before trying out a high-maintenance style.

Be realistic about your goals. If you want a short haircut so that you will look like your favorite movie star, then unless you resemble that person already, you will likely be disappointed. Also, if you enjoy styling your hair in a variety of looks, remember that short hair has fewer options, though you can always dress it up with attention-grabbing accessories.

Keep a positive attitude. Many stylists recount stories of people who come in for short haircuts who are prepared for the worst. If you think you will hate your short hairstyle or miss your long hair too much, then you will not give your short hairstyle a chance. Keep a positive attitude and you will enjoy the experience rather than suffering through it.

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