Saturday, August 29, 2009

She tells us, “It’s definitely

er talent in diverse roles. There is her much talked about forthcoming film in which she co-stars

She tells us, “It’s definitely a different genre of film. But it’s not exactly science fiction. Neither have we promoted it as one. It does not have too much of special effects or the dramatic use of SFX. It’s a very simple story told simply only with a sci-fi twist to it.” From what we have been hearing, the actor seems to have loved working with her co-star Neil. Bips agrees, “Oh, he is a fantastic guy to work with. Though this was just his second film, he didn’t feel like a newcomer at all! He is extremely good fun on the sets but, at the same time, extremely focussed. That is something I really appreciate. You know, I play a DJ, and Neil tried his best to make me do a playback gig in the film. But, I do not come from a musical family. So I’m glad that did not

What about Lamhaa, which is based on a sensitive subject? “Lamhaa is a film which is set in modern-day Kas

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