Monday, August 17, 2009

Katona turns down rehabilitation,

ormer Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona has ignored the requests of friends to go to rehab after recent disclosure of her use of drugs, and has instead decided to go for a boozy holiday.

The troubled mother of four kids apparently plans to spend some time with her kids and husband Mark Croft at Tenerife, a Spanish island in order to “clear her head”.

However, similar trip in the past had turned out to be a disaster for the couple.

“Mark and Kerry have already been to Magaluf this summer. That ended in alcohol-fuelled arguments and snaps of Mark cavorting with strippers,” the BBC quoted a source as saying.

The insider said: “A boozy resort is the last place she should be heading. Everyone is worried sick but she won”t see sense.”

Katona was recently filmed snorting a line of what appears to be cocaine in her bathroom, while her children were present in the house.

The footage can lead her to face social services probe over her fitness to look after her children.

A source said: “Kerry’’s attitude towards the footage beggars belief. She needs to stay and face her demons but she’’s running away to hide. Kerry’’s kidding he

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